Support and User Community

Dover Systems currently provides global, 24/7 support to our customers in mission-critical semiconductor, disk drive, and LCD fabs worldwide. We are committed to providing a similar level of support to the users of our Polonator genomic sequencer. A range of optional support plans is available, addressing the needs of both the hands-on researcher with a limited budget, and users expecting more complete levels of support. We have partnered with the Church Lab to include both protocol and operational software support, in addition to our current instrument, reagent kit, and flow cell support.

In addition to direct support, we are providing the IT infrastructure that will allow a global user community to freely share its experiences with the Polonator ecosystem. We anticipate that the collective contributions of a global user community will advance the platform in ways that our original design team could not foresee. We openly solicit suggestions for improvement, with the modular design of the Polonator readily facilitating such upgrades. At specific times, enhancements to the system will be aggregated into a formal new release; the next such upgrade during this year will be designated H.008. We are planning on all upgrades being backward compatible, with users offered the option of staying with the G.007 version or moving on to the H.008, and beyond.

We invite the entire sequencing community to join us in moving this exciting new technology forward.