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Open, Affordable, Sequencing...

Dover, in collaboration with the Church Laboratory of Harvard Medical School, introduces the Polonator G.007, an innovative approach to second-generation sequencing. The Polonator G.007 is an open platform, combining a high performance instrument at a very competitive price, with freely downloadable, open-source software and protocols, low-cost, off-the-shelf reagents, and dual, large area flow cells. Together, the Polonator G.007 dramatically lowers both the upfront and recurring costs of entry to second-generation sequencing, while providing a robust, modular system that delivers exceptional throughput, accuracy, and reliability. Users may choose to use the standard protocols, reagents, and GUI-based software as is, but are also totally free to innovate; all aspects of the system are open and programmable, providing the flexibility to support a wide range of alternative sequencing methods.

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